29 July 2006

An ordinary Saturday - summer pudding and mutton neck fillet, Villa Wolf Rose

Didn't go to Borough Market this morning. The house is full of food. We ate the remains of the summer pudding for breakfast, with large mounds of jersey cream. There are many recipes for summer pudding, but I stick rigidly to the one my mum uses: Cordon Bleu's #1 recipe. I used equal quantities of red and black currants, with a smaller quantity of raspberries. The bread came from the Marylebone farmers market - the stall holder was a little shocked that I'd be using it for cooking, but you can't use cheap bread for summer pudding; it just doesn't work.

For lunch, Rupert marinaded a neck fillet of mutton in yoghurt, coriander, cumin, fennel, lemon and garlic, and baked it for about half an hour, initially fiercely. He served this with salads - a tomato one, beetroots in balsalmic dressing with oregano, and lettuce. We served this with the Villa Wolf Rose de Pinot Noir .
He would also have served some bread, but I had my first total disaster with the bread machine, and the result was inedible. The 5-seed white loaf came out tiny, dense, and none of the seeds had been absorbed into it. I think I must have only added half the water, and will concentrate better next time.

Villa Wolf Rose is our best find this summer. Definitely off-dry, tasting of strawberries, with a lovely balance of sweetness and acidity. It's refreshing, and very gluggable at only 11.5%. Lots of thanks to Ernst Loosen for making it, and Christopher Piper wines for pointing it out. Some friends of our have found it at the American store at a nearby airbase at only $6.25 a bottle. Non-yanks have to pay the same in pounds, but it's still well worth looking out.

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