07 August 2006

Ode to making your own pesto

Today was a watershed in growing things to eat: the first, slightly-unripe red strawberry, and the first plateful of pasta made with pesto from basil we've grown. We don't have a large or established garden. Our "kitchen garden" is three 1-metre square raised bins. For the first time, we've planted seeds, and succeeded in raising a host of basil plants outside. Okay, there's not much left of the basil plants now, but they will survive the slaughter. The result was stunning. Picked straight from the garden (30g), and mashed in the pestle & mortar with garlic (a half clove was slightly too much), and pine nuts (15g), we used sicilian olive oil and borough market parmesan, and a squeeze of lemon juice, served with properly-long spaghetti. It trumped anything we've ever bought. I tried to find a photo on-line to accompany this, but they all had finely-chopped basil leaves, and looked less honest than our supper.

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